1. Articles to be published in this journal should be sent either in physical
or electronic format to the office of Historyka, along with a note requesting
which section the author would like their article to appear.

2. The Editor will not accept articles longer than 8000 words; this includes
both notes and bibliography.

3. Contributions should be submitted as .PDF files or printouts, along with an
editable electronic version.

4. The author's name and affiliation should be placed in the left top corner of the
front page.

5. Authors are expected to disclose contributions made towards the article by third
persons; this information should include their affiliation, as well as a measure of
their contribution.

6. Authors are expected to indicate what support they received from any and all
institutions that contributed financially to research for those results which were
presented in the article.

7. Submissions should include:

a. an abstract (500 words);
b. a short summary (1200 words);
c. five keywords;
d. a short biography of the Author (500 words).

8. Historyka will accept only original, unpublished contributions.

9. The Editorial Board would like to strongly emphasize that the practice of
ghostwriting and guest authorship will be treated as a violation of the principles of
good scientific and academic practice. In all instances where these practices are
suspected, those cases will be brought to the attention of the appropriate

10. Every author will receive one copy of the issue where their contribution is