11.11.2012 XLII, abstracts, full-text in English and German

Historyka 2012

Postcolonial Galicia: Prospects and Possibilities

The current issue of Historyka, guest edited by Klemens Kaps and Jan  Surman,
is devoted to postcolonial studies, a relatively new approach in
cultural-historical theories. From a broad range of perspectives covering
a number of disciplines, authors exemplify the approach based on  Habsburg
Galicia, its culture, literature, economy and also the historical  memory
of the region stretched between Cracow and L’viv. 

The volume proposes a new perspective on the interrelation between
the social, political, cultural and economical inequalities in this  pluricultural
and multireligious region. Although as a part of the Habsburg Empire Galicia
was not a “colonial space” in the classic sense, the  postcolonial approach
enables the historian’s gaze to focus on the relationships between cultures
in an imperial setting, opening new perspectives for the study of continental
empires in the 19th/20th centuries. 


Postcolonial or Post-colonial? Post(-)colonial Perspectives on Habsburg Galicia
Klemens  Kaps, Jan Surman 

The “Imperial Idea” and Civilising Missions
Franz Leander Fillafer 


Publication was funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the frame of the "National Program for the Development of Human Sciences" for 2012-2013